I am an HR Manager in the Amsterdam office, but I work closely with a wider team based in Cambridge, and feel an integral part of it and very included. It’s a great group of people made up of enthusiastic and stimulating professionals - there's never a dull moment in our department!

Communication is fluid and consistent as we use all available channels to stay in touch, and we meet face to face on a regular basis too. One of my most important objectives is to help recruit a highly competent and self-motivated work-force that embraces GÉANT’s vision and mission with a refreshing and passionate outlook.

Tina Van de Wall | Human Resources Manager

“I believe we shouldn’t hesitate to enhance the visibility of the exceptional work that GÉANT does and the amazing role it plays at a global level.”


I joined GÉANT in 2016 and after a couple of months was able to find my feet and adapt to its unique environment - thanks to the very welcoming atmosphere that characterises our organisation. My involvement with the community support function made me understand and appreciate better GÉANT’s wider purpose: it’s a complex and unique organisation with a very profound and inspiring mission.

In the future, I see an increase of our focus on the services we provide whilst strengthening further all connections with the international research and education community. I believe we shouldn’t hesitate to enhance the visibility of the exceptional work that GÉANT does, and the amazing role it plays at a global level.

On a more practical note, I enjoy spending my working days, after an easy commute by public transport, in our modern, open plan office full of natural light, as it encourages interactions across teams, strengthens team spirit and eases collaboration.

About Tina


Tina has a law degree and her career in HR started in 2010 when she was head-hunted by a multinational Oil and Gas organisation. There Tina worked as an international HR consultant, looking after the company’s Dutch work force all over the world – at a certain time this counted over 100 employees. After getting a taste of international HR, Tina decided to progress her career in this field and went on to work for a commercial apps company and a technology start up. She enjoys working for small organisations as they enable more personal and deeper human interactions - no wonder she works in HR!

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