I am a member of the Network Engineering team which designs, plans and operates the entire GÉANT network and is responsible for its integrity. This is no modest undertaking considering that the GÉANT network is one of the largest in Europe. In 2016 alone, our network accepted a total of 1.4 Exabyte of data, approximately 1.4billions of Gigabytes; just imagine that it would take more than 5,200 years to stream equivalent data in 4K UHD, the highest possible video quality.

The GÉANT network provides connectivity to National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Europe, very high profile national networks providing critical connectivity to universities and research centres. Looking after these major connections is like managing the main motorways in a road system where a limited number of very high capacity roads carry the largest part of a country’s road transport, consequently any fault has an enormous impact.

Sebastiano Buscaglione | Senior Network Architect

My work is extremely varied; no two days are the same. A major project I am currently working on focuses on the future evolution of our network. This entails forecasting and capacity planning, as well as actively engaging with the industry to understand and drive the evolution of networking technologies and trends. The objective is to understand the challenges we will face in the next 8-10 years and ensure that our network is ready and future-proof. ​

“...I feel valued and trusted. This gives me the confidence that I can make a difference in every project in which I take part.”


What I really value is that I feel myself to be an integral part of the overall mission, goals and objectives of the organisation: assisting scientists, policy makers, large and small research projects and, most importantly helping to bridge the digital divide in our world. Even when carrying out routine and daily tasks I try not to lose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason GÉANT is a truly unique and a very special place to work.

Often I am the sole company representative within cross-functional and cross-organisation project teams meaning that I am invariably recognised as an expert in my field and I feel valued and trusted. This gives me the confidence that I can make a difference in every project in which I take part.

About Sebastiano


Sebastiano joined GÉANT in 2012 from AT&T Global where he spent two years working as a network engineer for one of their support centres based in Brno, in the Czech Republic. Originally from Italy, Sebastiano has been living in Cambridge since starting at GÉANT, and he feels very fortunate to be in this beautiful city.

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