I manage the Software Development team. One of our main objectives is to deliver solutions to meet the requirements of different groups of stakeholders within the organisation, and the community. Our many projects include, for instance, the implementation of a network management system and the delivery of reporting tools for network traffic utilisation. I feel really lucky to be part of a truly international and multicultural team.

Prior to becoming team leader I worked on Federated Identity Management (FIM), which is very peculiar to GÉANT as an organisation. For the benefits of those working outside our industry let me explain. FIM is an arrangement that can be made among multiple member organisations to share their resources by allowing individuals to use the same login credentials across security domains.

Mandeep Saini | Head of Software Development

I enabled project participants to log in to SharePoint web applications using their federated identity, and also set up a central authorisation management system to handle the access rights of approximately 500 project participants from National Research and Education Network members across Europe. Without a doubt, such changes made life for our IT department so much easier!

“GÉANT’s work atmosphere is very special, its multicultural and multinational environment is very inclusive and diverse.”


Since I joined GÉANT I have covered a wide variety of roles, in addition the organisation has supported me every step of the way with career progression and professional growth, culminating with the promotion to lead the software development team. GÉANT’s work atmosphere is very special, its multicultural and multinational environment is very inclusive and diverse. I love my team, my colleagues are my work family, we are all very close and discuss openly and frankly on most topics. I am also very fond of my life in Cambridge, I am happy to live in such a family-friendly city.


We operate in a very innovative environment where new areas of research need to be explored continually. In the coming years we will need to carry on working on FIM and cloud services in order to bridge the technology gap not only between research and education and industry, but most importantly between developed and developing countries.

About Mandeep

About Mandeep

Mandeep came from India in 2005 to complete a M.Sc. in Distributed Systems and Networks at the University of Kent. The subject of her thesis on Multi-domain Network Monitoring Systems, applied to an industrial project, lead to Mandeep's student placement at GÉANT. In just over a year she was able to start her career as a fully-fledged employee and member of the Software Development team.

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