Licia Florio: Senior Trust & Identity Manager, Amsterdam

Tell us about your role at GÉANT

During my career at GÉANT I have been privileged to take part in a large number of initiatives that make up the current European and global Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure for Research & Education. Specifically, I work in the area of Trust and Identity (T&I), to support the adoption of federated access in large scale international research collaborations operating in areas such as life science, earth observation, particle physics, astronomy and arts & humanities. We help users across multiple organisations and countries to access resources, collect research data and handle a variety of access issues specific to each field with one login identity. Our work on federated access for such collaborations focuses on specific technical aspects, but also requires a certain degree of familiarity with the fields in which these operate, their constraints and how they interact.

What do you enjoy most about working at GÉANT?

I have always worked in the area of T&I and my job has never been monotonous. Through the years, collaborations with different groups have certainly helped me and my colleagues, gain, understand and benefit from different perspectives. I have worked on a wide range of projects – all very different, but equally exciting – that have undoubtedly added elements of variety and challenge to my job.

I work in an international and diverse environment where the different interactions between colleagues create enriching experiences. I really appreciate the high degree of trust and flexibility with which we are all enabled to carry out our job; it makes us all work harder, empowers us to do what we believe in and generates high levels of job satisfaction. I truly enjoy what I do and I am always motivated to do my very best.

Licia FlorioAbout Licia
Licia Florio was born in Italy and holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Bologna. In 2001 she moved to the Netherlands – where she had only intended to spend one year – to work for GÉANT (TERENA at the time). Licia was part of the Task Force that produced the eduroam (federated access to wireless networks) pilot – a service that now counts tens of thousands of hotspots in 89 countries across the world In 2018 Licia was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honour by the Vietsch Foundation that supports research and development of advanced internet technology for scientific research and higher education.

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